Minimally-invasive laser and endoscopic back surgery in Croatia, Europe

Mr. ROBERT SAFTIC, neurosurgeon and pioneer in minimally-invasive spinal surgery in Croatia and south-eastern Europe. Special interests include minimally-invasive spinal surgery with philosophy of choosing most effective and least invasive methods of treating spinal disorders and diagnosis of pain in low back, neck, legs and arms. Internationally accepted and known expert in field of laser, METRx and endoscopic spine surgery which is proved by invitations to all leading spinal congresses and by publishing results in medical journals.

Mr. Robert Saftic MD, spinal surgeon

Vertebris International Spine Hospital

Vertebris Spine HospitalVertebris International Spine Hospital (known as Spine Surgery Croatia or Spinal Surgery Croatia) is European leader in non-fusion spine technology and artificial disc replacement to treat back pain and neck pain. Located in Zagreb, Croatia, Vertebris International Spine Hospital cares for patients regionally, nationally, and internationally. Why? The reason is simple: spine research. There is more spine research conducted at Vertebris International Spine Hospital than in all the hospitals in the former Yugoslavia.

Vertebris International Spine Hospital is a international Spine Center of Excellence, where you’ll find some of the most experienced spine surgeons in the Europe. They are dedicated to introducing and developing bold, new spine treatments while perfecting existing ones to improve the quality of life for their patients.

Procedures we perform on daily basis:

Images of the operating room:

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Conditions and diseases we treat on daily basis:

Images taken during laser spine surgery (PLDD) for patient from England:

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Who operates?


Why in Croatia?

Here in Croatia, we can offer you world-class neurosurgical techniques and services, for far less money then anywhere else in the world. Also, our minimally-invasive spine surgeons are young and capable of doing modern spine surgeries. We are successfully applying most advanced most innovative methods in minimally-invasive laser and endoscopic spinal surgery. During years of our work and existence as one of the world’s top destination and hospitals for treating spinal disorders and diseases with minimally-invasive surgical techniques, we have treated patients from all over the world, including patients from Spain, France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Egypt, Romania, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Canada, United States of America



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